Trex Composite Decking Calculator

Trex Decking Calculator

If you are about to start a decking project and you need a little assistance in planning out everything you need, this Trex Decking Calculator should be able to assist.

Simply start off by choosing your preferred Trex colour and you will be on your way. The more information you add to the calculator, the more it will be able to help you. This estimator will give you an idea of how many decking boards and fixings will be required for your project.

Best of luck!

ESTIMATE ONLY: This deck calculator estimates materials only. Actual materials can and will vary based upon factors such as; design complexity and additional features such as stairs, benches, angles, curves, lighting, etc. For a more detailed and accurate deck cost estimate, please contact us for your local Trex dealer or TrexPro deck builder.

Installation Parts

Below are the various parts you will need to build your Trex Deck

Trex Contour Decking Calculator Project Parts
Trex Contour Decking Calculator Project Parts

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