Composite Decking by Trex Contour

Trex Contour Composite Decking is available from over 50 Stores in Western Australia.
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Durability Meets Affordability

With daring wood grain patterns, a lustrous modern look, and ‘true-blue’ strength; Trex Contour Composite Decking boasts incredible durability with unprecedented value.
Trex Contour Composite Decking has long-lasting colour palettes with natural wood grain patterns available in Torino Brown, Moroccan Red and Chateau Grey.
Composite decking is a durable and affordable alternative to timber decking that is easy to install. Find installation instructions here.
Trex Contour Composite Decking has been installed in residential and public areas throughout Perth and Western Australia such as King Edward Memorial Hospital and Monkey Mia and is ideal for residential areas, councils, Schools, resorts, and public open spaces.

Hassle Free

Trex Contour Decking has been designed for easy maintenance: requiring only the occasional cleaning with soap and water. There is no need for oiling, sanding, painting, sealing, and the other maintenance of timber decking.

Fade, Stain, Scratch & Mould Resistant

Trex Contour Composite Decking is engineered for strength and durability. Each board features a high-performance shell that wraps around three sides of the composite board, the underside of the board is designed to breathe, avoiding surface separation, making Trex Contour Composite Decking perfect for the huge variants in all Perth seasons.
The high-performance shell provides resistance to staining, scratching, fading, mould, red wine stains, and much, much more. Making Trex Contour Composite Decking a superior alternative to timber decking in your home or business.

The Trex Contour Composite Decking Colour Range

Earth Friendly

Deforestation is a huge problem in our rapidly developing world. Over one and a half acres of rainforest is depleted every second of every day. Trex Contour Composite Decking is a ground-breaking concept that takes steps to decrease deforestation, but at the same time provides the opportunity to still have a beautiful luxurious deck right here in your Perth home or business. A staggering 95.4% of Trex Decking is derived from recycled materials such as: reclaimed timber sawdust and recycled plastic bags so you can breathe easier when you relax on your earth-friendly Trex Deck.

Trex Contour Decking Types

Trex Contour Rounded Edge
Trex Contour Decking – 140x25x4880mm Square Edge

Trex Contour Grooved Edge
Trex Contour Decking – 140x25x4880mm Grooved Edge

Trex Contour Product Information

Trex Contour Decking – 25mm x 140mm x 4.88m

Grooved edge for secret fixing. Square edge for top fixing.

0121092 Chateau Grey Grooved board 0.71 sqm
0121098 Square board 0.71 sqm
0121094 Torino Brown Grooved board 0.71 sqm
0121100 Square board 0.71 sqm
0121093 Moroccan Red Grooved board 0.71 sqm
0121099 Square board 0.71 sqm

Product Summary

Brand: Trex
Product Line: Contour Composite Decking
Logo: Trex - The World's # Decking Brand
Trex Contour Composite Decking is environmentally friendly and made from 95% recycled materials. Trex Contour is protected against moisture, insect, and UV damage and will never require you to sand, paint, or stain them, keeping them as gorgeous as the day they were built.

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